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This Shiny Pokemon guide covers everything you need to do to catch a Shiny Pokemon in Sword and Shield, from battling as many as you can to unlocking the Shiny Charm. It will only show its alternate color after you encounter it for a battle - sparkles will announce the Shiny Pokemon's entrance as well. Though they look cool and interesting, their stats are no different from their usually colored counterparts.

You can tell if you have a Shiny Pokemon based on this sparkle icon in the bottom left. There are a few methods to capture Shiny Pokemon in Sword and Shield. Regardless, the base rate of a Shiny Pokemon appearing is a 1 in 4, chance. The more of the same type of Pokemon you've caught or battled, the more likely you will encounter a Shiny version of them in the wild. Also, the more you encounter a certain Pokemon, the more likely they'll appear in the Wild Areatoo!

So, if you have your eye on a certain Shiny Pokemon, run into them as often as possible. Your "chain" in Sword and Shield is permanent, which you can check by looking at your Pokedex. Additionally, you'll want to unlock the Shiny Charm if you want to get serious about Shiny hunting.

The Shiny Charm will further increase your odds when catching a Shiny, when either catching, fishing, or breeding.

See How to Unlock the Shiny Charm. Check this chart to see the rates you'll encounter a Pokemon based on how many you've battled, and if you have the Shiny Charm. Reminder, these battles can happen at any time, they do not have to be done one after the other!

This is the total number of battles done in the entirety of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Pokemon Sword and Shield introduces a "square" sparkle animation in addition to the usual "star" sparkle. After encountering a Shiny Pokemon, there's an additional "roll" to get either of these animations.

Note: This may be a mistake, we'll update if this changes. The rates when breeding a Shiny Pokemon are the same as when trying to catch a Pokemon without the total battled Pokemon multiplier but there is an additional method: Breeding with Pokemon from two different language games. The Shiny Charm further increases your chance when shiny hunting, but requires a bit of work to get.

After filling your Pokedex, head to Circhester. Enter the hotel on the left, and use the elevator to go to the rooms. Enter the last room down the hallway on the left.When you reblog, make a header, advertise, win a Fashion Show, or add Doremi or Nonamac on Fantage, you must personally email us proof.

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how to get shinies

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The Final Button Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Fantage Loonies. July Sign up on the signup page. Rate this:. Share this: Email. Like this: Like Loading May 20, at pm. May 21, at pm. I signed up! Should I still email you though? Oh ok! Thank you!! May 23, at pm.After every 5 encounters, the level 5 Pokemon should go up one level. During the 5th encounter, the Pokemon's level will be 10 levels higher than normal.

On your th chain, the Pokemon's level will reset back to 5. Which means that if you break your chain on your th encounter, there is no way to know. My suggestion is to be very careful on your th chain so that you know for sure you didn't break it. You just need time, patience and a little know-how. In other words, your odds of running into a shiny increase to about one in 2, Read More From Heavy. It appears to not work on DexNav Pokemon, However. With Synchronize you can Catch Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza with the right nature much easier than without it.

Synchronize also helps with breeding since you only need a couple of Synchronize Pokemon with the right natures. This is great because you increase the chances of encountering shinies with the nature you want. With any luck, the shiny you run into will have the nature you want. This is by no means a tutorial on how to get a shiny, although it is possible to get a shiny through chaining.

Hopefully this video helped you out and if it did, be sure to leave a like! First, you acquire and breed a Synchronize Ralts with a Jolly nature, faint it and put it in the first slot of your party. Finally, go to an area where Zigzagoon resides, preferably with the largest patch of grass you can find. Simply encounter Zigzagoon as often as you can until your DexNav level reaches about Sneak over to it, engage in battle and either capture or faint it.

As soon as you defeat it, search again. At this point, your chances of encountering a shiny have increased from one in 8, to about one in As your chain climbs higher and higher, your chances of running into a shiny increase even more. Your chain will not break if this happens to you.

This was actually my first time shiny hunting by chain fishing and it went really well, which shows how easy it is to catch a Shiny Pokemon while Chain fishing ORAS. If DexNav chaining is intimidating to you, try chain fishing. Faint it and put it in the first slot in your party. Suction Cups increases those odds even further. Playlist to see more!

how to get shinies

Chances are someone from Japan or something will trade you one of their Ditto for yours. I hope they helped you. By Jake Magee. Updated Apr 19, at am. Published Jan 6, at pm.But alas, even if it weren't released in error, it would still be notorious to capture, due to Abra's programming to teleport away more or less instantly. However, it'll be doubly aggravating on finding a shiny Abra, and it instantly teleporting away, that would be horrible. To get it was a once-off event and only available for a limited time only, but unlike other Pikachu wearing hats, it could not be caught in the wild.

Pikachu wearing Ash's hat is also an incredibly rare shiny to find. The baby Pikachu known as Pichu is a lot cuter than it's evolution, but when it comes to finding these shiny hat versions, they are incredibly hard to find and a lot less cute as a result.

Meaning if you didn't find a shiny last year, you've got to wait until this Halloween to try again. Witch hat Pichu can only be found through hatching eggs, 2KM eggs, and of course, the shiny version is the hardest to find.

For the sake of the list, Party and Santa wearing shiny Pichu are also incredibly rare to find. Even though Lunatone and Solrock were available to capture, the shiny versions weren't in the game and were both region-specific. But for those lucky enough to find one before it got removed, you are one of the only ones. It's now possible again to capture a shiny Clefairy, but only through finding a shiny Cleffa and evolving it into a Clefairy, as shiny Clefairy or Clefable isn't available to be caught in the wild.

But shiny Cleffa can only be found through hatching eggs, so get walking. Every two steps in a cave, a swarm of Zubats, has wholly encased you from head to toe.

However, Zubat was able to be found via hatching eggs, research encounters, and in the wild, but his odds were just far too low. Alolan Marowak is only available through raids, as there is not an Alolan Cubone to evolve into one. If you're after the shiny Alolan Marowak, you're going to have to complete raid after raid repeatedly, while praying to the gods of luck for a shiny version. Of course, this release also meant that shiny variants of Alolan forms were also able to be found and captured.

Nidorina and Nidoqueen are impossible to find in the wild sadly. As it was only possible during this one event, so if you are lucky enough to find a shiny Nidoran, than you can evolve it into a Nidorina and then into Nidoqueen, but this is the only way that it is possible. However, unlike Vulpix, who is now able to be caught in the wild, Alolan Grimer is still not possible to be found in the wild, it might be only one of the last Alola forms not be in the wild.

Hey, my name is Mark, I am 29, video game enthusiast! My earliest memory was playing Worms on the Amiga against my Godmother, yes the Amiga, massive box type thing, needed eighty-five thousand floppy disks to play one game, maybe a slight exaggeration, those were the days! Dogs are pretty awesome. Share Tweet Email 0. PS4 System Update 7.Pokemon in this Shiny List include a filter for possible means for obtaining them, past and present.

For instance, a Pokemon listed as obtainable from Raids may not currently be a raid boss. Visit the following links for updated lists of which Pokemon can appear where. Once a Pokemon is made available as a shiny Pokemon, it is possible to receive a shiny variant in any way the Pokemon is obtainable. Evolved Pokemon cannot be caught shiny. They must be caught shiny in the basic stage, then evolved.

THREE Easiest SHINY Hunting Methods in Pokemon! - Get Shinies Easily!

The exception to this rule is Pikachu and now Nidorina and Nidoqueenwho can be caught shiny. Below is a list of all Pokemon currently available as shiny in Pokemon Go and ways they can be obtained. Click to filter obtainable methods. Consider Supporting us with GamePress Boost!

‘Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire’: Top Tips for Getting Shiny Pokémon

Read more. Boost Community Discord All Games. Sign In Register. Table of Contents.

how to get shinies

Mime Mr. Mime Jr. Latest Content. Trainer Bag Capacity Increased to Serebii Reports that Abra Day is Rescheduled Nesting Species. Eggs, Raids, Research Encounter. Raids, Research Encounter, Wild. Evolution, Raids. Eggs, Raids, Research Encounter, Wild. Eggs, Nesting Species, Raids, Wild. Raids, Research Encounter. Nesting Species, Raids, Wild. Eggs, Raids, Wild. Raids, Wild. Giratina Altered Forme. Eggs, Raids. Alolan Exeggutor. Alolan Marowak. Alolan Raichu. Research Encounter, Wild.Pokemon is serious business.

You enslave them. You breed them. You coerce them into waging wars they have no stake in. But as serious as Game Freak's much beloved simulacrum of antagonistic animal husbandry can be, it pales in comparison to the gravitas of distinguishing yourself from the plebeian masses.

Everyone knows that there can only be one Pokemon master. Still, with more than four million copies of the latest iteration already sold, how does one make one's star shine brighter? Building the ultimate team takes time, effort and research while bribing the Elite Four in exchange for validation would probably require at least a fair understanding of transdimensional travel. In light of all that, here's my suggestion:. Heck, why stop there? Get a full team.

Bewilder your opponents with aesthetic opulence. Humble them with this testament to your luck and determination. Pizzazz wins battles, not hard work and skill. If you're new to the Pokemon franchise and have no idea what I'm talking about, shiny Pokemon are like the Holy Grail except more accessible and arguably less useful. In terms of function, they're identical to their more pedestrian cousins. Looks-wise, however, that's where it gets interesting. Shiny Pokemon are uniformly of a weird, often striking pigmentation.

And sparkly. As you may have already deduced, they're also ridiculously rare.

how to get shinies

Fortunately, there are several ways to circumnavigate the appalling odds. Named after Game Freak director Junichi Masuda, the Masuda Method is a technique that was implemented as an attempt to encourage players to perform more transcontinental trades. Smogon University, a website dedicated to the fine art of competitive Pokemon battling, was the first to figure out the method and breeders everywhere have been using it ever since. Just how good is this technique? With the help of the Masuda method, the chances of breeding a shiny Pokemon in Generation IV were increased by 5.

How to catch shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO

By the next iteration, that success rate had shot up to 6 - a definite improvement over the baseline. Unfortunately, though many claim it's still a viable strategy, no official word has been released in regards to whether or not the Masuda Method can still be utilized in the current-gen Pokemon games and if the success rate has escalated even further. For those willing to risk it, the Masuda Method is pretty simple: breed two Pokemon from different geographical backgrounds The little tags next to their names will inform you exactly where they're from together.

That's really it. At least, in regards to necessary knowledge. There's a thread on Smogon that unpacks the exact mechanics behind it ; you can read it if you're keen on understanding specifics. If you're good, it can be a short-cut to triumph. If you're not, it might be a broken 3DS screen. The idea behind chaining is reflective of its name: it's the act of meeting the same Pokemon, again and again, in unbroken succession.

Smogon's guide is even more educational but also exponentially more ponderous a read.Pokemon Sword and Shield shiny Pokemon are one of the main objectives for the dedicated, hardcore players who want to catch and encounter everything there is to do in the game. Catching shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield is no easy feat though, because the base odds of finding a shiny is 1 in Yeah, that's pretty low.

We've got the details on how you can go Pokemon Sword and Shield shiny hunting and increase your chances of finding a shiny right here, so eventually, you can have an almost complete shiny Pokedex. It just might take a while So you want to start shiny hunting in Pokemon Sword and Shield? There's a few things you need to know before you start. You don't need to worry about catch combos specifically here, because shiny chains in Pokemon Sword and Shield work differently.

To begin shiny hunting, you first need to choose which Pokemon you want to hunt. Whether it's a Wooloo or a Wailord, pick your target then go to the location that particular pocket monster spawns the most check out our Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area guide for all of the Wild Area spawns.

Essentially, you need to keep battling the Pokemon of your choice and either catch them or knock them out.

The higher your tally of that specific species you've battled, the more likely it is to be shiny. You can check how many you've battled under the relevant Pokedex entry. While that's the basic gist of things, read on to understand how it all works and how to shiny hunt more effectively. You already know the base chance of finding a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield is 1 inbut what about when you've battled lots more of that species? The table below outlines how many Pokemon you need to battle of one species to increase the chance of encountering a shiny.

Data courtesy of Serebii. You're probably wondering what on earth a Shiny Charm is after seeing the odds slashed so drastically in the above table, so let us explain. The Pokemon Sword and Shield Shiny Charm is a simple concept; once you have it in your bag, the chance of each encounter being a shiny Pokemon is increased.

Question is, how do you get the Shiny Charm? You're going to want it before you even start shiny hunting, and it's not easy. To get the Shiny Charm, your first goal is to Yep, you need to catch every single one of the Pokemon in the game. You'll need to do some trading to make it happen thanks to the various Pokemon Sword and Shield differencesbut it needs to happen before you can get your hands on the Shiny Charm.

Enter the west door of Hotel Ionia, go up the elevator, then enter the room on the far left. You should've spoken to the Director once before now in order to get the Catching Charm, but now you've completed the Pokedex, he'll reward you with the Shiny Charm.